Welcome to the HouseCanary Virtual Hackathon!

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Rather than cram a ton of coders in the same room for a long weekend, we’re giving everyone one month to see what amazing ideas the coding community can implement.

If you sign up to participate, we will give you $1,000 in Analytics API credits to use. The HouseCanary Analytics API is the most reliable and accurate source for real estate values, data and forecasts. You can see how easy it is to use on our Developers page.

We’re looking for innovative examples of what can be done with our API. After October 14th, we’ll promote the outstanding projects. If you made a new great service, we’ll show it off. If you made an open source project, we’ll hype up your code.

For the project we consider the most impressive, we’ll announce you as the winner and give you $10,000 in API credits to continue your success.

If you want to show off your coding skills to the community or prospective employers, this is your chance. If you want to build a minimum viable product using real estate data and see if it has any traction, this is your chance. Your success is our success and we want to support you!

To get started, just click the link below and send an email with a very short description of what you’re thinking of making. We will follow up to create an account and get your started.

For any questions, contact hackathon@housecanary.com