See HouseCanary's Martin Morzynski on 'Meet the Unicorns' with Relola

When career marketers Molly McKinley and Martin Morzynski sit down together what happens? A serious, benefit-driven conversation about helping Realtors be better, smarter, faster.

That’s what unfolded in a recent episode of “Meet the Unicorns,” a video series that real estate startup Relola produced after sparking several of those conversations at the National Association of Realtors’ annual conference in November.

Buying a home is as much about buying a lifestyle as it is about making a sound investment — as much about the kitchen, family room, and neighborhood as it is about the mortgage rate and sales price. Relola helps buyers visualize the neighborhood and the lifestyle, while HouseCanary gives them confidence about the future value of the home. Together, they provide unparalleled context for buyers trying to make a decision.

“HouseCanary has been in the business of helping banks and investors figure out how much homes are worth and where their value is going in the future,” noted Martin. “We help people figure out the future of home prices.”

This practice of simplifying something incredibly complicated is gold to marketers. “It has a lot to do with bringing visibility to the value of a home and the context of the lifestyle it creates, of the value it has in the buyer's heart,” he added.

“Ultimately, the value that an agent brings is knowledge of the neighborhood, knowing everything about why this home is the right home for this particular couple versus, versus the other home.”

Martin also pointed out that the percentage of homes sold by Realtors continues to actually go up as opposed to going down. Why is that?

Because it's a busy world out there. Buyers need a guide, and that's ultimately the role of the Realtor. 

This is why Realtors need to communicate their brand -- their value -- to those buyers with a strong, singular voice. 

“We're all here for a reason, and I think Realtors know ultimately that they're to help people find great homes,” said Martin. “Everyone has their own niche, has their way of telling a story.” Relola helps them tell that story and share it across social media with a single click.

Watch the rest of Martin Morzynski’s interview with Relola.